Journal Publications

1) Selected papers will be published in IJMMNO as a special issue.

IJMMNO addresses mathematical modelling, algorithm development, numerical methods, computer simulations and numerical optimisation as well as applications and case studies. It focuses on multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research to communicate new algorithms and techniques in mathematical modelling and numerical optimisation and promote real-world applications in all major areas of sciences, engineering and industry. IJMMNO publishes full-length original research papers, with a section dedicated to short research notes and concise case studies using modelling, simulation and optimisation.

"International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimisation (IJMMNO)"   


2) Selected papers related with the journal contents will be published in IREHM. 

IREHM is a peer-reviewed journal that provide a forum to improve the practice of earthquake engineering topics, earthquake hazards mitigation, preparedness and recovery. The mission of this journal is to provide information needed for the different professionals involved in earthquake loss reduction objectives including civil, geotechnical, mechanical and structural engineers, geologists, seismologist, earth scientist, architectures and city planners, public officials, social scientists and researchers in all related disciplines. As the main aim of all researches is to reduce the hazard (e.g. earthquake) effects in the societies, the Editorial policy is to maintain a reasonable balance between papers from the earthquake engineering related subjects and from the hazard mitigation subjects so that the journal will be useful to both groups. Readership of IREHM are engineers, researchers and educators in civil and earthquake engineering, mechanical engineers, material engineers, social scientists, earth scientists and architects.

"International Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Hazard Mitigation (IREHM)" 

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